Replace a Vehicle Form

Use this form for:
Removing a personal use vehicle from an existing auto policy and replacing it with another vehicle. To replace a recreational vehicle, motorcycle or snowmobile, please call us instead.

You’ll need:

  • Your current insurance certificate or policy number
  • Make, year and model of the vehicle being removed
  • VIN and other registration details of the vehicle being added

Please note:
We can only accept changes from a named policyholder.

For your protection, any change you make to your policy does not become effective until we contact you to verify the change and the date it went into effect.

Please specify the type and policy number(s) to be changed:

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New Vehicle

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Condition at time of purchase: NewUsed

Purchase Date:

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VIN #:

Have any modifications that are not factory installed been made to the vehicle?


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The vehicle is registered under whose name?

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How many kilometres (one way) is this vehicle driven daily to go to work or school?

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