auto insurance

Automobile insurance is mandatory for all owners of a registered vehicle in Ontario, as legislated by the provincial government. In fact the maximum fine for operating a vehicle without insurance is $5,000. Proof of such valid insurance is the pink liability card that is produced with the new policy or with the renewal or the endorsement amending the insured vehicle. Failure to produce a current pink liability card to authorities also carries a fine. It is, therefore, important that your current liability slip be in the vehicle at all times along with the owners registration so that any person operating the vehicle with your permission and who possesses a valid drivers license can produce proof of insurance on behalf of the owner of the vehicle.

The Ontario automobile policy provides coverage within all Canada and the United States with the pink liability card as proof of valid insurance in all jurisdictions within Canada and the United States. There is no coverage under the policy outside these two jurisdictions.

While collision and comprehensive coverage’s are not mandatory, they must be a part of the policy coverage if the vehicle is leased, or if there is a lien against the vehicle in favour of a lending institution, as required by the lessor or the lien holder under the terms of the lease agreement or the financing agreement. Deductibles are applicable to both collision and comprehensive claims.

There are a multitude of policy endorsements that can be attached to the statutory policy from vehicle rental as a result of a collision loss, to vehicle rental while on vacation in Canada or the United States, to excluded drivers, to limited depreciation on new vehicles, to compensation for hire, to family protection coverage.

As well there are optional increased limits available that extends the basic “no fault” benefits provided by the policy itself. All of these extensions of coverage require specific discussion with a licensed independent broker, who is best able to assess the needs of you, the registered owner of the vehicle and owner of the policy, for you must remember that it is you, as the owner of the vehicle, that is sued in the event of a catastrophic claim, not the driver.

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Summertime is the time for toys, do you know what value your collectible car has? Did you know that in the event of a total write off you get the agreed value of your vehicle? It’s important to make sure the value is current and correct.

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Emergency Car Kit:

Carry these items in your trunk in a box or duffel bag.

    Jumper cables and a self-contained battery—the safest choice!

    Flashlight with new batteries

     Tire-inflation product

    First-aid kit

    LED light source and safety triangle

     Protein bars—in case you are stuck and waiting for help

    Bottled water

    Snow brush with ice scraper – get the best one you can fine

    Blanket for every passenger

    Cell phone charging cable

     Paper towels

    Glass cleaner

    Extra washer fluid

     Work gloves

    Basic tools (screw drivers, wrenches etc.)

”After an accident is no time to discuss your coverage. Contact our office today to understand what coverage is available and what is the best fit for your insurance needs.”